The story behind the

'BLUE Tree project'



Find a mate to spread paint

August 17, 2019

St Hilda's blue trees may not be as tall as some, but they promote the important message 'it's okay to not be okay'.

Shire of Capel, community involved in Blue Trees Project

July 26, 2019

The Shire of Capel and local community members recently rolled their sleeves for a worthy cause.

Hilltops Naked Calendar partners with Blue Tree Project

June 17, 2019

The Hilltops region will create a special relationship with Western Australia with members of the Blue Tree Project appearing in the 2020 Hilltops Naked Farmer Calendar.

Blue tree landmark to raise awareness

May 24, 2019

South Western Highway has a new landmark to take note of between Bunbury and Boyanup ... a towering blue tree.

Blue trees are a talking point for mental health

Feb 27, 2019

A touching tribute with Wheatbelt origins, which has since turned into a global phenomenon, can now be found in Williams.

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Nercwys foresters paint tree blue to raise awareness of suicide prevention

January 17, 2019

NERCWYS Forest may be a long way from Western Australia but thanks to the efforts of one local woodsman, a little corner of Flintshire will always remember the life of Jayden White - a young man from the small town of Mukinbudin who took his own life in November 2018.


August 6, 2019

A blue tree at the visitor information bay in Roebourne now stands as a beacon of hope for those experiencing mental health issues.

Blue tree continue to rise on South West horizons

June 29, 2019

The Southern Ports Authority has thrown its weight behind the increasingly prominent Blue Tree project as it campaigns for greater mental health awareness across the country.


Blue Tree offers hope

June 5, 2019

An old sugar gum has been transformed at the WA College of Agriculture — Narrogin, sending visitors, students and staff an important message as they enter the college.


It starts with good, effective general practice

Autumn 2019

From Mukinbudin to the United Kingdom, dead trees in rural and remote locations are getting a paint job encouraging people to ask 'R U OK?

Blue trees in Wheatbelt become symbol of hope

Feb 26, 2019

Residents of a small town in WA’s Wheatbelt have turned a tale of tragedy into a powerful message of hope, with just a few licks of blue paint.

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R u ok? Trees painted blue spark talking point around depression in regional communities

January 30, 2019

Alongside a country road in south-east Queensland, a large gum tree painted bright blue is prompting people to talk about mental health and ask: "r u ok?"

Greenough’s blue trees get to root of mental health issues

August 1, 2019

The windswept trees in Greenough already turn heads along Brand Highway, with many travellers pulling into a small parking bay to snap a pic of Geraldton’s iconic leaning tree.


R U OK? Leonora has a Blue Tree

June 19, 2019

Local stakeholders and the Shire of Leonora came together recently to paint a designated tree blue in the town of Leonora, Northern Goldfields, prompting locals to talk about mental health and ask: “r u ok?”.

Sister’s act a beacon of change

May 30, 2019

A joke to mischievously paint a tree in regional WA has morphed into a symbol for people to seek help if feeling blue.

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Blue trees a new leaf on depression, suicide prevention

March 13, 2019

The Blue Tree Project - Goldfields is in full swing after the inaugural tree was painted on Sunday morning to raise awareness of depression and suicide prevention.


Blue trees symbolise serious message

February 5, 2019

YOU might have seen or heard about dead trees in the countryside being given a ‘blue’ lease on life with a message for a great cause.