Frequently asked questions

How can I get involved?

Visit our 'GET INVOLVED' page to see how you can help us spread our message and cause.

What colour paint?

If you are wanting to use the same colour as the original blue tree then our ‘BLUE TREE’ Wattyl colour will make it easy. Please note that this colour is being rolled out from Jan 2020 so may not be in store at the time.

The original blue colour’s old name is ‘Billie Jean’ (Wattyl Colour).

How much paint will I need?

So you’ve found a tree you want to paint and thinking how much paint will I need?

If you don’t use all the paint you can always ‘pay it forward’ so someone else can help spread our message.

  • Small branches for a vase = tester pot

  • Branch cutting put into ground = small tin (1L)

  • Small tree = small tin (1L)

  • Medium tree = 5L

  • Medium – Large Tree = 5-10L

  • Large Tree = 10L

  • Giant Tree = 10-20L

I have found a tree but it is still alive...

Please do not paint live trees! We love our environment and strongly advise against this. Only dead trees are to be painted as part of our project. Please note our request for only dead trees to be painted is not a symbol of those who have been lost, but in line with the original story. You can read the story behind the original blue tree here.

I want to host a fundraiser event, where do I start?

We are currently working on our fundraiser pack to make it easier than ever. Watch this space, but in the mean time feel free to get in touch with us to see if we can help you with anything.

We have raised some money and would like to donate to Blue Tree Project.

We really appreciate all the time and efforts taken to help us spread our message and kick the stigma. There are two ways you can donate to our cause:

  1. Go-Fund me page

  2. Direct bank transfer (details below)

Name: Blue Tree Project

BSB: 036030

ACC: 205773

Thank you for your support - we really do appreciate it!

Where does my money go?

You can donate to our cause which will help go towards organised community painting days and events, as well as the development of a school program to help educate our kids. Learning how to look after ourselves and each other equips us with the tools to cope with the challenges life throws our way. This helps us stay mentally healthy when working through these tough times. Your donations will help us dream bigger and better and have a bigger impact on making our communities feel safer to speak up when struggling.

I am struggling. What can I do?

First let’s take a big breath together…breathe

Secondly, we are so proud that you have got to this point and want to help you find the best support for you.

We have collected a range of the best services available. Take a look to see what might work best for you and just remember.. ‘we are stronger than we believe, braver than we think, and more loved than we know’. Support Page