our christmas wishlist

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This December, the Blue Tree Project is asking our supporters for something a little different…

A wish list of items that may not be exhilarant,

But makes a big difference to a charity with a cause so significant.

So this year, if you would like to make a contribution,

And pick an item on the list, as a donation substitution,

We would be so very grateful,

For the items we would be otherwise unable,

To enjoy in our office to make it more gainful.  

We have created a wish list of items that are essential for our daily operation. If you would like to purchase an item or make a contribution towards an item, simply select the amount you would like to donate and see exactly where your donation to the Blue Tree Project goes.


Although we live in a world reliant of digital communication,

We still value the impact of print media to communicate valuable mental health information.

If you would like to help us out with printing a handout or two,

Feel free to make a contribution and you’ll see these printed in many colours, in addition to blue.


Here at the Blue Tree

Will love to host a party 

Not just any party of course,

But one with mental health as the source.

So if you’d like to see more Blue Tree Project events

Please feel free to contribute, and we’ll create the suspense…

key speaking

The team at the Blue Tree Project loves to share our story and mission,

So if you would like to contribute to a company who would benefit from hearing our vision,

Please make a donation,

And we’ll select a company and extend the invitation.

socks for homeless

Socks are great for protecting us from many things, 

Like the chill that the cold winter air brings.

Not all of us are lucky enough to have that extra protective layer,

Making winter a little grayer.

So we ask that before the cooler season,

We give the gift of reason. 

A pair of Blue Tree Project socks,

Which may make someone's Christmas rock!

btp travel

Our blue trees are dotted around WA near and far,

With travel required to get to some of these destinations in our Blue Tree Project car.

We have sculptures, equipment and ourselves to squeeze in,

And don’t forget about our blue paint tins.

We know it’s a lot to ask,

But we would be so grateful to have some help to get to our destinations, and have a blast.


You wouldn’t believe all that we need 

For the Blue Tree project to succeed.

From flat pack trees and blue paint tins,

To merch, and boxes of paint brushes filled to the brim.

We’d so appreciate your help to store our things,

So we can continue to spread our wings.